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Effective Communication: Building Stronger and Healthier Relationships

Written by: Jonathan Rom, MD MPH RP (Qualifying) This piece of art is Rothko’s Four Darks in Red. What do you think the artist was trying to say with it? Some people see these saturated lines of red and black and notice the use of colour to reverse gravity, bringing out the often repressed, dark…
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Coping with Grief: Healthy Ways to Navigate Loss and Bereavement

Written By Jonathan Rom, MD MPH RP (Qualifying). Figuring out what types of grief are “healthy” is a topic still debated by experts1. You may not be surprised to read this, given that each culture has different norms around grief. Most of these norms are hard to define and, sometimes, even harder to adhere to…
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Understanding Depression: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Written By Jonathan Rom, MD MPH RP (Qualifying). Our first blog of 2024 is here to shed some light on the topic of depression. Whether this information is new to you or a refresher, the topic can be complicated. Depression goes beyond normal sadness and experiences of this condition and can have a lot of…
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Coping with Anxiety: Strategies for Managing Childhood Trauma

Written By Danika Ferreira Childhood is meant to be a time of innocence and joy, but for some, it can be marred by traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, or the loss of a loved one. Experiencing traumatic events during formative years can disrupt a child’s healthy emotional development and make it challenging for them…
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Understanding Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Written by Danika Ferreira Anxiety is a common and often debilitating mental health condition affecting millions worldwide (Bandelow & Michaelis, 2015). While it is normal to experience occasional worry or feel anxious in certain situations, such as before a job interview or a big exam, excessive and persistent anxiety can significantly impact one’s quality of…
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You deserve to be happy and healthy. How to find the right therapist for you.

Psychotherapist Stacey Roles RN PhD gives some advice on what to look for to ensure therapy is a success. Are you struggling with an emotional or mental health issue that is impacting your job and relationships? A good therapist can help you develop skills that allow you to move forward in your life. You may…
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