About Our Team

Roles & Associates team of clinicians have a passion for mental health and wellness. We’re human, compassionate and we care about our clients, the clinicians who we train and the clients who benefit from those clinicians.

Our Model of Care

The team at Roles & Associates Psychotherapy Services are constantly engaging in new training opportunities to stay on the cutting edge of the newest modalities of therapies while remaining true to evidenced-based researched therapies through a blended approach.  

Making a difference in the lives of others through alleviating pain and suffering is at the core of all treatment offered and training provided at Roles & Associates. 


About Stacey Roles

RN PhD Psychotherapist

Stacey Roles (she/her) is an Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) Certified Trainer Consultant and Certified Cognitive Therapist and is also credentialed with the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT).
Stacey has advanced training and supervision in prolonged exposure therapy and compassion focused therapy. Stacey is competent in treating clients across the lifespan from early childhood to older adults. She is an Adjunct Professor at Laurentian University with the School of Nursing and was associate CBT lead for the advanced CBT lectures in the psychiatry residency program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University where she currently holds the rank of Assistant Professor.
Stacey has extensive experience working with First Nations populations throughout Ontario specifically in the remote and rural Northern Ontario.
Stacey Roles RN PhD specializes in providing consulting services to those who work with
complex mental health presentations, in both large and small organizations.  Stacey has extensive experience consulting with mental health clinicians and supportive staff in Indigenous communities and offers an assortment of other specialized or advanced learning and consulting needs.
Stacey leads the CBT Training Centre of the North and Roles & Associates Psychotherapy Services Inc. Stacey oversees client care at all sites with all clinicians listed on her team.

Where can you find us?


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Location: 885 Regent Street, Unit 3-4A, Sudbury, ON
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Manitoulin Island

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Location: 15 Water Street, Unit 4, Little Current, ON
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Sault Ste. Marie

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Locations: 111 March Street, Office 1, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
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