Therapy Intensive Sessions

What are therapy intensive sessions?

A therapy intensive session is goal-driven, longer in duration and occurs more frequently over a shorter period of time.

Therapy intensive sessions are an alternative to the one-hour-a-week traditional model, for the purpose of seeing benefits earlier in the therapy process. It is a large dose of therapy in a short period of time.

​​Therapy intensives may be attended for a limited number of sessions, generally over a one- to four-week period of time. Regular ongoing weekly appointments are not available with this service, and follow-up sessions with a psychotherapist are recommended if needed.

At Roles & Associates Psychotherapy, all therapy intensive sessions are conducted by Stacey Roles RN PhD Psychotherapist.

Stacey Roles (she/her) is an Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) Certified Trainer Consultant and Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and is also credentialed with the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT). Stacey has advanced training and supervision in cognitive behavioural therapy, prolonged exposure therapy, brainspotting, psychodynamic and compassion focused therapy.


What is involved in therapy intensive sessions?

• An initial screening/intake session.

• An initial 2-3 hour therapy intensive session where we will get to the root of the problems you are facing, understand what your individual needs are, and determine the most effective method of therapy to target your treatment. Brainspotting is frequently used as a primary therapy approach.

• Following the initial appointment, additional appointment durations may vary according to patient/client needs.

How do I know if a therapy intensive session is for me?

• You are in need of immediate support to help you resume normal functioning.

• You have a physical problem or illness that doctors have attributed to your mental health.

• You are an athlete, executive or in another type of role where a mental health concern is interfering with your level of functioning.

• You are available for longer-length therapy sessions over a short period of time.

• You are able to financially invest in this short-term therapy as insurance coverages do not cover this form of therapy.

What are the benefits of therapy intensive sessions?

• Typically provides patients/clients with quicker relief.

• Greater convenience as shorter-term therapy.

• Helps to prevent longer time off work.

• Available to book more therapy intensive sessions after initial treatment if/when needed.

Approaches used in therapy intensive sessions:

In these sessions designed to provide a deeper and more rapid relief, Stacey Roles RN PhD, uses a number of approaches to therapy tailored to the individual patient's/client’s needs, such as:

• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

• Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)

• Compassion focused therapy (CFT)

• Prolonged exposure therapy (PE)

• Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)

• Brainspotting therapy™ (BSP)

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